About Me

10 Things You Might Be Interested To Know About Me
  1. I'm a thirty-something single gal and a certified book-a-holic.
  2. I work in the field of Communications and PR, currently employed as Director of Marketing Communications for the Hotels and Conventions group of a large conglomerate.
  3. I love my dog, Audrey. 
  4. I live in the Outlet Store Capital of the Philippines -- Sta. Rowsa, Lagunaaaaa!
  5. I used to play basketball in college--center on defense, small forward on offense. Yes, I'm versatile like that!
  6. I don't get a lot of exercise nowadays although I want to! (Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn't count.)
  7. I can make a yummy Carbonara. And nothing else, so far, unless you count frying as cooking. My siblings & their friends devour my Carbonara every time I get the chance to cook it. 
  8. I am currently obsessed with hot chocolate, the TV show Scandal, skinny slacks, owl illustrations, the 1,000 piece puzzle I'm currently working on, Les Miserables, and Christian singers Christy Nockels and Colton Dixon, 
  9. I am daughter to a very cool Mom who also happens to be my Career Coach and ate (big sister) to my two teenage siblings.
  10. I am not always faithful and I am a work in progress for sure but I love God with all my heart and my biggest desire is to become the woman He has created me to be.

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