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Cohen Diaries - Day 12

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I've always been an advocate of body love. I remember going out on a date when I was in my teens and my date, in an effort to make small talk while we were looking for a parking slot, casually asked me if I was trying to lose weight. Listen, I was never ever stick thin (except for that time when I was a kid when I would eat nothing but pork chop taba, which is super ironic, right?) and even at my slimmest, I always still had a good measure of meat on me. At the time I was on a date, I was also an athlete, playing basketball for my high school's varsity team. I was definitely not fat, and although I did not fall under the thin category, I saw no reason to want to lose weight. So when date asks me this, I say "No, I'm happy the way that I am. I may not be model thin, but I'm strong and healthy and I love that I enjoy food." He answers "Ok yan, it's good that you're confident about how you look. I like that." Unfortunately, I did not like him so our first date ended up being our last date.

 My weight has gone up and down and up and down throughout my teens and twenties. There were times when I would not be happy about how I looked and felt and would resort to working out to bring down my weight. When I was 25, I was in the gym morning and afternoon, and I lost maybe 30 lbs. Then I stopped working out and the 30 lbs found its way back to my body. And even with the 30 lbs extra, I was happy with how I looked. I was not perfect but I was happy.

Then I went to the U.S. with my family. People were warning me about the weight you gain because of the rich food and huge servings. Surprisingly, I did not put on weight. In fact, I lost weight because of the constant walking I had to do in New York. But when I got back to Manila, I was so excited to have rice again that I went overboard.

I had multiple cups of rice, when before I was ok with just a cup. I would have ulam left on my plate so I would get more rice, then I would have rice left so I got more ulam, then I would have ulam left and well, you get the drift. The effect? I put on around 30lbs on top of that 30lbs I gained back.

This time, I will admit to you, I got to the point where I could not say I was happy with the way I looked and felt. And while I am still an advocate of body love and do admire and respect full figured women, I knew I had to make a change. I tried exercising, but maybe because I am in my 30s now, it's not as easy to lose 30lbs as it used to be.

I got frustrated and my confidence started to wane. I was not happy with the way I looked in photos, I was not happy that I got winded after going up a flight of stairs, I was not happy that I could not fit into an XL.

My Mom, having the never-wrong mom gut, knew that even though I never said anything, that I was not happy with myself. She would encourage me to work out, to go to Bikram Yoga with her, to eat her brown rice, and whatever else she could use to encourage me. She went as far as taping a flyer for the Cohen Lifestyle Center on my desk twice. Every time, I would take that flyer down and hide it.

I always said it's too expensive (it is) and that I can't afford me (I can't) so one day in the summer of 2012, she says she is willing to pay for it if I am willing to commit to it.

Wala nang kiyeme kiyeme. I said yes.

I went on a free orientation at their clinic in Makati. I had a hard time finding a schedule where both my mom and I could go so it took a few weeks before we got around to going for it. All that time, I really wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do. Then orientation came and they explained what the diet would do to my body and how fast the weight would come off. My Mom was so convinced that she paid right there and then and because of this, I was able to avail of the free blood test (done in a lab also in the same building). Because fasting for 10-12 hours was required for the blood test, I had to do it a week after orientation (I went on the orientation right before Holy Week). I was scared that something would go wrong with my test and I would be deemed unfit for the diet but after a few days, I got an SMS that my eating plan was available for pick-up.

It's been 12 days since I started the Cohen Eating Plan. And I am not supposed to weigh until after four weeks but it's just too tempting. I mean, I want to see if this thing even works, right? So I weighed and as of today, at Day 12, I have lost 9lbs. Which is not bad. I am going to try to not weigh until the end of May.

Will blog again after my four week weigh-in so stay tuned! :)

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