Tuesday, June 9, 2009

These last two months...

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.

But I've been a busy, terrible blogger so please, please find it in your hearts to forgive me and continue to read my blog, yes? :-)

So here are some updates about what has been happening in my life these last two months:

1. Went on a trip to Boracay for work in early April. We launched Summit's newest title - Women's Health. Got my requisite summer tan and my beach fix.

The lovely white sands of Boracay

Our feet on Boracay's powdery white sand (feet belong to Hilary, Ingrid, and me)

Women's Health workouts along the shores of Boracay

Sun-scorched: me and Ingrid

2. Went to Hong Kong with family. Saw HK Disneyland. Still prefer Disney in Anaheim of course. But had fun nevertheless. Good thing we only stayed a week because the very next week after we had left, Hong Kong reported its first case of Swine Flu. The hotel where the guy was billeted was quarantined. Imagine that.

all aboard the HK Disney train (with my sister Gabbi)

hanging out with Johnny Depp at the Wax Museum

3. Went to Tacloban, a province in the Visayas, to be a LIFE coach for youth enrolled in the city government's Work Appreciation Program. It was my first time to farm, to climb a mountain, to sleep in a makeshift tent on top of a mountain. Unforgettable trip. I learned a great deal getting to know the young people of Tacloban. Hoping and praying that I will be given more opportunities to work with more young people in the future.

the LIFE coaches after a tiring day of farming and carrying those bamboo poles

Hanging out with LIFE coaches and WAP participants

Now, it's almost back to normal, back to the daily grind. I still miss Tacloban, though, and sometimes still wonder about these young people we got the chance to meet.

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