Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Holy Week break is over and it's back to work for me. The books I brought home to read over the break remain untouched because I chose the unproductive options of going on a DVD/TV show marathon and staying online almost the whole break.

One good (?) thing that came out of that is that I learned about this cool Facebook game called Restaurant City, which I am completely fascinated with. Don't try it if you don't want to get hooked.

The other good thing I got from being unproductive over the break is this movie.

I am so glad I watched it last Saturday. It was good preparation coming into Easter because the film reminded me of the love God has for us. This movie, which I thought would be an action movie ala Ladder 49 does not revolve around fighting actual fires as the poster may suggest. It is about a troubled married couple about to get a divorce and how the man takes the advice of his wise old pop to wait 40 days before he proceeds with divorce. The husband (who happened to be a fire fighter) is given by his father a handwritten notebook which contained a 40-day Love Dare challenge. The movie is about how in the quest of winning back his wife's heart, the man was also given a new heart. It's a story about how God uses our greatest struggles as a precursor to great miracles.

If you're married or would like to get married someday, please, please do watch it. The VCD/DVD is available in House of Praise stores.

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Kathleen said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! It made my day. :) I've been keeping up with your blog too and enjoy it as well!