Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loved Jesus more than life

I am so happy North Point Ministries preaching videos are in youtube. They're now free to be viewed by anyone and I do hope more people get to hear God's Word through this youtube channel.

I was getting ready to shut off my mac tonight when I remembered seeing in North Point's website that the church now has a youtube channel. This day hadn't gone the way I had planned. I was not able to go to work. I was not able to do anything productive in the house either. In fact, I did quite the opposite.

I hate that I get things wrong a lot. I intend to be this or do this and I end up doing the exact opposite. Tonight I was reminded yet again that I must rely fully on God's grace to be able to get out of the rut that I often find myself in.

I cannot do anything on my own. I really can't. I always end up messing things up. And I hate that.

But thank God for His grace that is always sufficient.

Just want to share a video they showed at North Point during their preaching series called "It's Personal." The series explains how each one of us has a different story to tell about how we came to a relationship with God. I can talk all I want about what God has done in my life but my story can never be your story. Sure, it might inspire you or give you warm, fuzzy feelings, but it can never move you to truly give your life to God. Until you actually get an encounter with God that is uniquely yours, you will never really get the point. That's how it is, because God is a personal God.

This video was shown on the third Sunday of this preaching series.

"Loved Jesus more than life." I wish that could be what's written on my tombstone, too. As it is, I'll be honest and say I'm not there yet. I get so distracted sometimes. My heart seems so divided. And it frustrates me to no end.


Frances said...

Hay, Ro, you made me cry. Life now does feel like Before and After. I am glad however that Mama left a solid legacy of faith in all her children. Though I willfully disobeyed a lot of times, always something held me back from total self-destruction. And that's Mama's love and the protection of the Holy Spirit.

You know, her tombstone is still blank. We can't decide on what to put! Although we're really liking this: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." But "Loved Jesus more than life" is pretty true, too =D


Ro said...

Watching that video made me cry, too, and made me remember you. Yes, both inscriptions would be fitting for your Mama's tombstone.