Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

So I'm off South Beach and it's been a great, yummy week. I'm dangerously close to gaining back the 6lbs that I lost because of South Beach and that's why I think it's time to get myself back in the gym.

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But going back to the gym is easier said than done. I had a three-month gym pass early in the year, but almost never actually worked out. I'm so lazy. :( My body's really not the body I had back in college. This is going to be difficult for sure, but there's really no other option. Ugh, Lord, why does our metabolism have to slow down as we get older!

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I can't believe I'll be 30 in a little over two months.

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Frances said...

work! work! work!

kaya mo yan, ro. =D