Monday, September 8, 2008

I dreamt of chocolate

As previously blogged, I'm on a one-year plan that started when September rolled in. I never got to blog about the plans and I still don't intend to as I have no time to write a long blog today. But you'll definitely hear about some of the plans in time, because I will inevitably blog about them.

I'm sleep-deprived on a Monday, as usual. One of the plans is really to make a habit of sleeping early and waking up early, and of course, of getting the sleep that my nearly 30-year old body needs. I think the going-to-bed routine is the problem: feeling sleepy, shut off MacBook, clear the clutter in my room, go to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and take a hot shower, get into my sleeping clothes, prepare the following day's clothes, turn off light (lamp still on), get my bible and a book, read for another half hour or so, pray, then finally, sleep.

How's that for a restful routine... I think it's the taking a bath that gives me a spurt of energy. Maybe I should move it to earlier in the evening. All of this can be done earlier, really. So that when I feel sleepy, all I have to do is shut off the Mac, read my bible, pray, and sleep. That sounds a lot simpler and more restful.

Anyway, because I slept so little last night, I took a nap in the car on my way to work. And I actually dreamt of eating chocolate. That would have been no big deal if I weren't on South Beach right now. Yes, part of the one-year plan is to lay off junk food and start eating healthy again. My mom generously offered to treat me two weeks of South Beach food cooked by a personal chef service called Delicioso. So I've been eating surprisingly delicious vegetables and yummy tasteless meat (yes, it's possible for something to be tasteless and yummy at the same time) for the past seven days. I'm not craving as much as I was the first few days and I do feel really good because I'm not bloated at all and all that green stuff seem to make my face look brighter (or maybe that's just because of a certain someone...haha). I'm excited to really change the way I eat. So no dream about chocolate or Lay's or Jollibee is going to make me not follow through on what I've started. (Grace, Lord...)

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Oh! I have a list of things to change/do, too! On top of that list is eating better and healthier, exercising, drinking water, etc. It's HARD!

I will be your cheerleader, Ro!