Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidential Musings

Just read Pastor Steve's blog. In it he said that he voted for Mike Huckabee. I really don't know much about American politics but this much I do know, the guy does have a sense of humor. I was actually pretty sold on Barrack Obama before I found out he was pro-abortion (also from Pastor Steve). Blame it on Oprah. When I saw that she was backing Barrack, I immediately went and talked to everyone I knew about why Barrack Obama should be the next US President.

Just goes to show how easy it is to form an opinion and stand by it as if it were absolute truth.

When campaign season for our own country's presidential derby rolls in, I will know better to read the papers, to really research on potential presidents, to observe the person's track record, not just what s/he has done but what this person stands for and if his/her life reflects those convictions.

Anyone can win a debate, or at least sound smart debating. But not everyone who goes up there actually lives what s/he believes.

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