Friday, January 11, 2008

The week in review

Things that have happened this past week:

1. Moving out, Moving in
I moved into a condo in Greenhills last Monday. The place is owned by the mother of one of my friends from church. I am renting half of one of the rooms, which means I have a roommate -- one of my good friends, Eunice. Not a lot of adjustment since I got a taste of living away from home and with people from church before. The only adjustment is sharing the room with someone else since I used to occupy a room on my own before. Everything's great though. It's fun having someone to talk to after work.

2. Not a great way to prepare for a fast
I started cutting down on food four days prior to the start of our annual prayer and fasting. That meant not having the usual snacks and dinner. Everything was going well until the day we had our meeting to brainstorm about how to improve the way we do our worship services. We held the day-long meeting at Discovery Suites in Ortigas, which serves a pretty good buffet lunch. Dimsum, sashimi, sushi, lamb, fried rice, pasta, crepe, halo-halo and many more! Gosh, what a way to prep for the fast. I didn't take any rice or pasta but the sashimi and sushi were too good to pass up. Plus a teeny weeny bite of lamb.

3. Juice and Soup Galore!
We started our 7-day prayer and fasting last Wednesday. I committed to doing a liquid fast which means I take onlu juices and soups for seven days. I'm on my third day and so far, so good. Except I wasn't feeling so good last night. Eunice and I were getting ready to get on the MRT last night when I started to sweat A LOT! I started to feel really dizzy, which they say is normal to feel on the second day of the fast. I feel much better now though. It helps that the prayer meetings are awesome! Fresh fire!

4. The End of a Season
Just two more working days before my season of working for the Fort officially ends. I'm starting to feel sad because I know I'm going to miss the people I work with. I know I'm going to miss working for the church. I know I'm going to miss being part of the team. :( But I know God has called me elsewhere, at least at this time.

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