Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moving On and Moving Back

When I started working for Victory a year and a half ago, I thought I would work there forever.

It was truly a dream come true for me to have been given an opportunity to work full time for the ministry, to have been able to work with the people I've had the pleasure to work with these past 18 months. I have learned so much and the relationships I have with the friends and mentors I have now are invaluable.

One year and eight months ago, I was confused and hurt. I had a job that I loved and was pretty good at. I was living away from my family, serving as a volunteer in different ministries in church, was a small group leader, ministering to single women. I had a great relationship with my Mom, was able to see my siblings every weekend, and what I was doing from Mondays to Fridays was something I loved doing.

Then one day, things had to change. I had to decide to move back home, had to resign from work, had to take on a job I had no idea how to do. It was all my choice. I could have said "no." But God promised me and reassured it was not a mistake, and so I squeezed my eyes shut, and jumped.

I fell into depression for a while. I was confused and unhappy. I didn't understand why I was made to leave the life I loved to live a life I did not want. I cried out to God for an explanation. I just wanted to know why I was there. One day, I was able to silence the whining and the tantrums and heard God's patient voice. Finally, I got what He was trying to teach me all that time.

Then it happened. Three months after leaving Summit, I got a job working for Victory.

Even now, I am amazed at how God orchestrated everything.

So, like I said, after a year and a half, I'm leaving my job at Victory and moving on to something well... not so new... I'm moving back to Summit, to that place I left so suddenly some two years ago.

I'm excited. This all happened quickly. It was not planned. But everything just fell into place. Another exciting journey ahead of me.

Thank You, God.

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