Monday, November 5, 2007

Birthday Coming Up

I love birthdays!

Mine is coming up five days from now and I'm excited. Not so much because I'm having a few friends over at my house although I haven't had a real party in years. It's more because birthdays mean new beginnings for me.

It's a bonus that I always get a break from work before my birthday wheels in because I use that week of rest to just think about the year that was and make some changes and set new goals for myself.

I haven't gotten to writing everything down but I believe my 29th year of life will be an exciting one. There will be a lot of new things God has in store for me and maybe for the first time in a long time, I am really going to let God lead.

I have to admit the past few years I've been the one deciding on my life. I guess for as long as what I was going to do was good, I just did it and prayed that God would bless it.

God's best always trumps good. It's about time I just let go of my own plans and let God really take the driver's seat.

Just this morning at the service I attended, God spoke clearly about moving out of comfort zones. This is a pretty scary premise for me as people who really know me know well that I am someone who loves routine. I'm all about comfort. But I know that if I am to mature as a Christian woman, I need to learn to trust God to move me wherever he wants.

I'm ready now.


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