Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumped up Monday

Came from a Supervisors' Training conducted by Ardy Abello today. Got a lot of great insights and ideas. I'm pumped up to make changes in my life.

I'm the kind of person who is motivated easily. I guess that's why it's also natural for me to motivate people and teach what I have learned because I treasure so much what's been passed on to me. While some people may walk out of a seminar with new thoughts, I am the kind of person who comes out of it impassioned to apply what I've learned. I'm the kind of person who can come out of a meeting bubbling with anticipation and excitement at what new things lie before us and how we're going to get there.

I used to be embarrassed by that and would try to play it cool. But I have learned to accept and celebrate that that's how God has wired me. I guess that's why I enjoy so much working with the likes of Pastor Joey, Pastor Paolo, Pastor Bernard, LA, Dennis... They're passionate leaders who have great vision, they're guys who inspire me to push some more.

Honestly, there are days when I just feel spent. I feel like everything I have has been squeezed out of me but more and more I learn that an extra step, an extra push goes a long way.

Other things I've learned along the way (sometimes the hard way):

  • Mistakes are great character builders.
  • No idea is ever so outrageous you can't say it out loud.
  • There's always a little truth in every criticism so be open to it but practice wisdom and discernment also. You don't need to be at the mercy of what people around you say.
  • Be teachable. Don't wait for someone to come along to offer to mentor you. You need to go to people you look up to and ask questions, ask to be taught.
  • We need systems. Having said that, we also need to re-evaluate systems already in place. Like they say, the only constant thing in this world is change and our systems need to grow as we grow.
  • Pastor Steve once said "Only do what only you can do." Find out what people are good at and give them the opportunity to rise up. Most of the time, they will not do a perfect job. That's why we need to expose them to the best, train them, give them room to make mistakes and constantly give feedback and encouragement. People can tell if you're just concerned about output or if you do what you do because you want them to grow at their gift. So as leaders, we need to make sure in our hearts that people come first before process. (Learned much of this today)
By the way, our 08 planner got scrapped. That's one less thing on my to-do list. I was excited about it though. But, they're right, it's not really in line with what we're trying to do. One thing I'm excited about though: the decluttering and launching of a spanking-new Fort website. Coming early next year!

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Ardy Abello said...

Great blog! You will go a very long way, success is inevitable as long as you keep up that attitude.ardy.abello