Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Off the top of my head

• I am so excited for my co-worker and brother in the faith Dennis Sy. He's planting our church in Greenhills. Just finished reading his blogs. You should read them, too. He's a really humble guy, super nice, someone I just admire. He asked me sometime last week jokingly if I ever regretted joining the Fort church as full-time staff instead of the Ortigas church (my home church). Without batting an eyelash, I answered "No." If he had asked me a year ago, I would've had to think twice. If I didn't push through with working at the Fort, then I wouldn't have had the chance to get to know the people I work with now. What can I say? They're the best!

• I'm so excited because the idea of planting a church is just so thrilling! New place, new people, new ways. I love to witness how God builds and am always pleasantly surprised about which people He chooses to use. God rocks! I cannot stress it enough!

• I would've liked to join a church plant. But Pinky's right. You don't move to another church just because you're friends with the lead pastor. So, for now, I'm staying put where I am. Just the past few weeks, God's sprung a few surprises on me. So, my staying at Ortigas is definitely not not exciting.

• I am excited for the planner we are going to be giving away for E412 Awards. We're working really hard at it. I've got a great writer helping me out with copy and I'm working with a great artist, too.

• We started our nomination season for our E412 Awards, happening in November. Here are the many ways you can vote if you know of an outstanding small group leader from Victory Fort.

• Still praying for campus work I can help with. The problem is still the schedule. Young people are what sparks my otherwise lackluster (no lovelife to speak of, haha) heart. They have got me pumped!

• Our Ortigas Warweek team just came from an occular of possible venues for our summer camp. They've been driving around all day long and looks like they've found some great places. Please do pray we get a good deal in this place called Raven Resort in Bataan. Gosh, just thinking about Warweek makes me want to jump up and down.

• My Mom says it's a holiday next, next Friday because of Ramadan. I won't be able to stay home and rest though because I'm bringing Katt to Victory Weekend, plus I have youth service in the evening. Holidays still rock, even if I can't stay home the whole day.

• Lastly, I was listening to an old preaching over at New Spring Church. My coworkers were wondering what was making me laugh so loud. Perry Noble is one funny guy!

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