Friday, September 28, 2007

Temporary Restraining Order

The funniest thing happened.

Blogger actually closed me down. At least for a couple of days. Imagine me, the Resurgent Blogger, all ready to blog again, something that is not exactly easy to do when you're new (again) at this and are trying to get your rhythm back. Then, you get a note that your blog has been locked for possible violations of terms of agreement. I had no idea what I did wrong! Apparently, my blog was under observation and was being suspected to be a spam blog. Imagine that. A TRO on blogging. Made me laugh last night.

It's Friday today, my absolute favorite day of the week. I love this day for two reasons.

First, because Friday is youth day for me. We hold our youth services every Friday evening at Galleria (one of Manila's favorite malls for the benefit of readers abroad). What a great way to end the work week -- with young people, transformed by the grace of God, jumping around to great music. My discipleship group leader Pinky is preaching today about Esther. We're having a mock beauty pageant to start things off. I'm excited.

Second reason is obviously that Friday signals the end of the week. Although I have to go to work a few hours tomorrow to interview some men who will be getting baptized tomorrow after Victory Weekend, I am excited to get some rest, to get some reading done for the Fall Into Reading challenge and watch Veronica Mars.


Kathleen said...

I love Fridays because a) I go visit my parents and relax with them every Friday night, b) they cook for me, and c) they always make sure to have ice cream in the house for me. :)

Meg Calagui said...
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Meg Calagui said...

That's funny TRO on your blog :p guess it's because you were blogging for 3 straight days hahaha!

Roe said...

hey kathleen! wow, i would love fridays even more if they included ice cream!

hi meg, yeah they probably got weirded out and thought a robot was doing all the blogging.

Ree said...

hey roe. they did that to me too! ;p