Sunday, September 23, 2007

Retro TV

While browsing through videos on youtube today, I began to search for old TV shows I used to enjoy as a kid.

Does anyone remember this show called Rags to Riches? I loved, loved, loved this show and seeing some song and dance numbers on youtube brought back so many wonderful memories of watching late night TV on RPN.

I also remember when Nickelodeon used to be on Channel 4. I would have my snack ready at 4pm (or was it 430?) so I could watch Nick on PTV 4. The shows they had then were Mr. Wizard's World (where I learned lots of cool science tricks), Black Beauty, The Campbells, Double Dare, and of course, You Can't Do That on Television, which had hilarious "slime" scenes (Slime would come pouring on a kid's head when he/she says "I don't know"):

And of course, my absolute favorite -- Batibot. I learned so much from this show and I can probably say that this show is responsible for my high grades in Filipino from Grade School all the way to college. The other shows that followed just didn't seem to cut it. Here's a clip that will bring back loads of memories if you were an 80's kid:

Oh, how I miss 80's TV!

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